Water Damage restoration

We offer emergency carpet flooding restoration, and we are serious in this business. We have a very fast response to your phone call, text or email, and we generally can get to your place within the same day if we decide to come.

We have the right tools: on top of our carpet water extraction tools, we have dehumidifier,  air movers, and water claws for subsurface water extraction. We are knowledgeable and our trained staff will made decisions based on water categories (clean, grey or black), psychrometric chart reading, moisture content and other factors.

We pay attention to prevent carpet from molding. We have upfront and fixed price once agreed.

Upon receiving the assignment, we will have an onsite inspection within the same day.  After the assessment, we will give you a fixed quote, then extract as much water as possible from the carpet (subsurface extraction tool will be used).  Whether the carpet is replaced/lifted/intacted will depend on the individual situation.  We will apply anti-microbial/moulding treatment and dry the carpet will dehumidifier and air movers.  We will monitor the progress and re-visit your site to collect our drying facilities and give your carpet a fresh cleaning.