What are your business hours?

You can call us at any reasonable time of the day, and seven days a week.

Which areas do you serve?

We are based in Forest Lake and our service area coves Brisbane City and South area such as Sunnybank, Browns Plains, including Ipswich and Logan.


All our services come with a seven day warranty as well as a 24 hour returning guarantee. That is, if you or the property manager is unsatisfied with our services, you can contact us by phone, email or text message, and we will return within 24 hours to rectify the problem.

A discount for combined bond/carpet cleaning ?

Absolutely.You will enjoy a $30 to 50 discount on the total price i you choose us to do both end of lease and carpet cleaning.Please see our “Price” section.

What cleaning agents do you use to clean kitchen ?

We are conscious on customer’s concerns and only use safe and biodegradable cleaning agents for kitchen cleaning.

How do you clean the walls in bond cleaning ?

Typically,spot cleaning will be good enough, but, very occasionally, the wall looks dirty and requires a wall washing.Under this unlikely circumstance, we definitely will contact you to discuss the situation.

Why marks can still be seen in my shower screen?

After our meticulouscleaning following well planned procedures, your shower screen will certain shine and attract highlight.However, small and typically inconspicuous water marks can still be seen sometimes and such area will give you a “coarse” feeling if you touch it with your fingers.Such water marks are called Stage Two Glass Corrosion and are caused by calcium ions in the hard water deposit deeply into the glass, which could not be removed by general cleaning procedures.

Can any carpet stain be removed ?

We are experienced in stain removal. However,unfortunately, if stains left on the carpet for a prolonged period, it will set in and become permanent, and such stains are not guaranteed to be removed, depending on the type of stain.We are experienced in treating different types of stains with different procedures and agents (Please refer to Common Problems in Carpet Cleaning), to maximize the chance o removal.

What are dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction ?

Dry cleaning is a surface and superficial way of cleaning, and it does not extract as much dirt as hot water extraction.However, it is a low moisture method.Hot water extraction injecting hot water deep into the carpet layer and the water is extracted by vacuum, thus it is a deep and more effective method, it is the recommended carpet cleaning method by carpet industry.Dry cleaning often finds its application in commercial premises where a quick dry is necessary for the business to run.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry ?

Typically, it take about three hours to dry, however, it depends on the weather, type of carpets, and how dirty the carpet being.For a really dirty carpet, more water needs to be sprayed on and takes longer to dry.Carpet made of synthetic fibres such as polyester is quicker to dry than wool carpet.

Do you move furnitures in carpet cleaning ?

We certainly can move small and light furniture, but we do not remove heavy, bulky, delicate and fragile furniture.