What are your business hours?

You can call us at any reasonable time of the day, and seven days a week.

We are based in Forest Lake and our service area coves Brisbane City and South area such as Sunnybank, Browns Plains, including Ipswich and Logan.

We are experienced in stain removal. However,unfortunately, if stains left on the carpet for a prolonged period, it will set in and become permanent, and such stains are not guaranteed to be removed, depending on the type of stain.We are experienced in treating different types of stains with different procedures and agents (Please refer to Common Problems in Carpet Cleaning), to maximize the chance o removal.

Dry cleaning is a surface and superficial way of cleaning, and it does not extract as much dirt as hot water extraction.However, it is a low moisture method.Hot water extraction injecting hot water deep into the carpet layer and the water is extracted by vacuum, thus it is a deep and more effective method, it is the recommended carpet cleaning method by carpet industry.Dry cleaning often finds its application in commercial premises where a quick dry is necessary for the business to run.

It depends on a few factors: weather (temperature and humidity), ventilation, type of fibre, weight of fibre and dirtiness of the carpet/upholstery. Obviously, in winter or in a rainy day the carpet or sofa takes much longer to dry. Natural fibre, such as wool (in carpet), silk (in rug) or cotton/linen (in sofa) will become dry much slower than synthetic fibre such as nylon or polyester. Within the same type of fabric, the heavier the carpet (weight per square meter), the longer it takes to dry. Often, a cheap “rental” carpet or a light weight fabric sofa can be dry within 2 hours in a sunny summer day, while a natural fibre sofa/carpet may take more than one day to dry in winter. We may use facilities to accelerate the drying time if necessary.

We certainly can move small and light furniture, but we do not remove heavy, bulky, delicate and fragile furniture.

We generally will not charge additional fee if it is only one level above ground, however, depending on the situation, we may charge a small fee to move our equipment upstairs if the property is two levels above ground without lift.

We do need the client to provide a free and secured parking place, which is reasonably close to the work site. We are not supposed to spend time to find a free parking place or pay for the parking.

We have an unbelievable rate of arriving at the scheduled time and date, we take it very serious. To ensure arriving on time, we generally leave a reasonable gap between two jobs. However, something unexpected does happen from time to time, such as heavy traffic, the scope of the job is much longer than expected, accident and human error. If we are more than fifteen minutes late, we generally will inform the client in advance. We do missed/cancelled the jobs a few times due to our fault, such as personal injury, machine broken down, misunderstanding/incorrect booking time. If it happens, we will sincerely apologize to the client and give some compensation

Yes, we definitely have public liability and professional indemnity policies.