Break the Bond between Soil and Fibre

Carpet cleaning is to remove soil from fibre. Quite often, we heard a carpet cleaner saying: “this chemical (or this tool) can break the bond between the soil and the fibre.”  This is a very broad term of saying, and not all types of soils are chemically bonded to the carpet fibre.  Different types of soils require different methods to remove.

It is well known among carpet cleaners that about 80% of dry soil  in carpet can be vacuum removed.  This type of soil is loosely suspended around the fibre without any “bonding”.  The fine particularate soils can scratch and abrade the fibres and give the carpet a dull appearance.  Also the loosely suspended soil can finally attach to the carpet fibre firmly if being stepped on frequently.  Therefore, it is important to vacuum your carpet periodically.  Also before the carpet cleaning, it is a good practice to remove the soil from the carpet with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

For the soils that can not be removed by a vacuum cleaner, most of them are attached to the fibre in the form  of  a film, by either electrostatic attractive force, or chemical bonding.  Typically, we need to engage a professional  carpet cleaner using specialized machines to remove those soils.  No matter what  type of machine or what cleaning method used,  some sorts of cleaning agents have to be applied on the carpet, and this is called “chemistry” in the carpet cleaning profession.  Almost all the cleaning agents contain surfactants, which are used to reduce the surface tension between the soil film and the carpet fibre, in other words, making the attachment  between the soil and the fibre molecules less strong.  Surfactants can also make the cleaning agents easier to access from the liquid (solution) phase to the solid (soil film) phase.

There are generally two types of carpet cleaning: the surface cleaning method, or “dry” carpet cleaning, and the deep cleaning method. 

The dry cleaning method, such as bonnet and encapsulation methods, using a bonnet to agitate the carpet fibre after cleaning solution is applied. The chemicals inside the solution can reduce the molecule attractions between the soil and the fibre, and the agitation can break the soil molecules loose, the loose soil can be removed by attaching to a pad or vacuumed. But the dry cleaning method can not remove soils deep inside the carpet fibre and also it is typically not strong enough to break the chemical bonding between  the soil and the carpet fibre. However, dry method has its place in carpet cleaning for convenience and low moisture content.

The hot water extraction method, or known as steam carpet cleaning method, flush water onto the carpet and suck the water back with vacuum.  This is a deep cleaning method and is a more effective method. The water can reach deep inside the fibre and remove the soil beyond the surface.  Also water can dissolve most of the soils attached to the fibre and remove them easily.

Stellar Carpet Cleaning can employ either steam cleaning or dry cleaning method, upon the requirement and your request.

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