Extra effort

This is definitely not the most challenging carpet cleaning job, however, from the photo below, you can see that some extra effort is required to rectify the carpet.I did not use the word “restoration”, because it is not going to restore to “as new” condition, as some people claimed:

Dirty carpet

As usual, I need to identify the fiber before adopting the chemistry.The owner (very nice people) told me that it is synthetic fiber, not wool.Also it do look like synthetic.However, I would not trust both because I am going to apply some :harsh” chemistry to it, which may damage wool carpet.Fortunately, the fiber ID test shows that it is not wool.that piece of information is more than enough for me.

I chose a strong (in terms of pH) pre-spray solution, and increased the concentration a little bit to combat with the extra dirt.In addition, I added some organic booster with the hope that it will have some synergistic effect.Also, I chose the green carpet brush with my orbiter to pre-agitate it.The effect? You can see from the picture below:

Carpet steam cleaned
Carpet before (bottom part) and after (upper part) steam cleaning

As mentioned above, it is impossible to fully restore its previous glory.For instance, the yellow part (due to carpet browning) is difficult to be removed.However, a sharp contrast, as shown in the picture above, can still be clearly seen between the steamed and not yet steamed parts.Watching the dark water gulping out of the waste drain, I had a sense of satisfaction, as always.

Also some carpet stain removal work was done during this job.Some red spots, with unknown history and nature, were found on the carpet.I tried reducing agent first, and bingo, it worked!

carpet stain removal before
Carpet stain removal after